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Thousands of Asus PCs infected with malware using their app for updates


March 26, 2019 by

Bad news for Asus and its users. 😥

Kaspersky Lab has confirmed that Asus (one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world), was the victim of an attack that installed a back door to thousands of users around the world last year. The infection was made through its Asus Live Update application.

The method used a fake of the Asus digital certificate to filter the malicious software. Although it infected thousands of users around the world, it seems that the attack was aimed at a specific MAC address.

Kaspersky Lab does not know the size of the attack, but what it does know is that the main target of the attack would be Russia, although it does not rule out that a significant number of users worldwide are also infected.

They have created a tool to verify if we are infected or not. You just have to go to the created web called Shadowhammer and put the MAC address of your PC.

In turn, they have warned Asus of the attack, so they expect an answer from them very soon.

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