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Fired IT guy deletes 23 AWS servers from his old company


March 28, 2019 by

A person from the systems area has been imprisoned after being fired for having bad performance. The reason for his imprisonment was getting the credentials of Amazon Web Services from a former partner and removing 23 servers from his old company.

British police in the Tamesis Valley announced that Steffan Needham of Bury, Manchester, was sentenced to two years in prison after a nine-day trial.

Stefan pleads not guilty to the charge for unauthorized access to computer data and another for modification of computer data, but was already convicted in January.

In the following days after being fired, Needham used credentials stolen from his old partner (Andy “Speedy” Gonzalez) to sneak into the business account and delete the Voova servers, hosted on AWS.

The company had great losses for the contracts that were held with them, the police estimated an approximate of 580,000 euros and obviously, the company never managed to recover the deleted data.

Stefan was not involved at first, since it took months to discover that he had been the culprit, while he was already working at another company in Manchester.

Voova, like all companies, will have to do a better job to protect themselves against another attack of this type, since security experts assure that this would have been avoided if they had taken precautionary measures.

It is very important to highlight the need to have a plan for when employees end their relationship with the company that includes from the physical access to the facilities, hardware, software and other important services of the company.

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