In a world full of C# we go Back to Basic!


Don’t take Shortcuts in Development


March 13, 2019 by

Every part of the software who belongs from raw copy/paste from sites like stackoverflow, represents a problem for the future.

Why? Let’s back to basic

  • You don’t know what exactly they were doing with “that” function
  • If the function is part of the core, it will take longer time to update because you don’t know what the function does
  • And the most important thing, you are lying to yourself


Yeah, the software you are developing is to satisfy a need i got it, and yeah, all the developers wants to finish the most quickly and easy way as possible, i got it, but you need to take your job seriously and go forward, because you need to leave your mark in the society.

The person who design the code is the developer, you are just a person who writes code

We’re not robots, and all look the most simplest things like “How to do a For Each” or “How to make a incremental” on Google, but that is different, it’s because you want to do the hard way not just stole the code.

A developer need to take his/her role and face whatever comes

The hard way implies searching information and spend hours and hours read it, understanding, practicing, failing, trying, trying, and trying again until you understand what are you doing, maybe you are thinking, how much time i need to focus or consider myself a developer? It is hard? and i anwer you right now. Yes it’s hard, and you never consider yourself a developer until you feel it, no matter what it costs or how much time you spend on it, until you have the confidence to say “I am a Developer” you never be one.

Let me talk about myself, i started coding some things on 2005 when i had 16 years old, it took me 7 years to consider myself a developer, because a voice inside me tells me…

  • You are coding easy things
  • This is how you code? Shame
  • Alot of people are making money with these and you cannot write a easy for
  • Are you sure you want this? Maybe you can be another thing
  • You are wasting your time in something you will left
  • Let’s go a play a game, you are better in that

etc etc etc

I thank my wife because she was the one who taught me to make deaf ears to the voice that was inside of me and move on.

Start where you are,

Use what you have,

Do what you can

What is your history? If you want to, you can contact me

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