Fired IT guy deletes 23 AWS servers from his old company

1 year ago
dmcory @dmcory

A person from the systems area has been imprisoned after being fired for having bad performance, but how can he/she deleted the servers? Check it out.

Thousands of Asus PCs infected with malware using their app for updates

The hackers sneaked in a back door using the Asus update software, targeting specific computers but affecting thousands of users…

2 years ago

Facebook stored millions of passwords in plaintext

Facebook confirmed thursday in they blog that they stored "hundreds of millions" password in plaintext FOR YEARS

2 years ago

Object-oriented programming: Intro

Today, we are facing what is the most important programming model and why is so popular, click and check it…

2 years ago

How to: Quickly get into Entity Framework

Let's talk a little bit about still using SqlCommand or migrate to Entity Framework, who will win?

2 years ago

How to: Parse JSON using .NET or .NET Core – Objects as values

It's time to another how-to series! This time we will learn about the object as values and how-to read it…

2 years ago

How to: Parse JSON using .NET or .NET Core – Intro

Looking my notes from the past, I saw that I always had problems with JSON, but first, what is JSON?…

2 years ago

How to: Change timezone on Azure Website

One of my first investigations about why things work, in the theory sounds very simple, but we will see that…

2 years ago

Code Practices Magician

Most folks aren’t aware of how powerful the Visual Basic really is. If you are one of those guys, let…

2 years ago

Code Practices Magician: Else-return

Sounds funny, but most of folks i met they still have no idea how to use if statement, in my…

2 years ago

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